[Israel.pm] Next meeting on the coming Thursday

David Baird david.baird at homemail.com
Thu Mar 11 04:32:10 PST 2004

Fellow Mongers,

For those expecting to learn about SOAP::Lite from the ground up at
tonight's evening, I have some bad news. I am not going to teach you how
to program with SOAP::Lite.

The topic of my discussion will be problems I have encountered with
SOAP::Lite, and how I resolved them. My discussion is focused on my
experience as a customer of a product which used SOAP as its
programmatic interface, and my personal struggle using that interface
with my Perl applications.

Please, to limit the number of basic SOAP questions like "What is a
WSDL?" please look at http://guide.soaplite.com. Okay, I'll answer that
question, but it would help if most of the participants learn from
freely available material about SOAP::Lite before I start complaining
about it.


Gabor Szabo Wrote:
> Just a friendly reminder,
> Our next meeting will take place on this Thursday, 11th March.
> - David Baird: SOAP::Lite and a client application for a web service.

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