[Israel.pm] Perl for C, C++, C#, Java, COBOL and VB programme rs

Eitan Schuler Eitan.schuler at exlibris.co.il
Wed Mar 10 11:41:25 PST 2004

> An what if the COBOL programmer makes a mistake ? [1]
> This is an interesting example. I think my point would not 
> necessarily to
> convince the management. Probably the COBOL programmer will 
> like it better
> if s/he can write a regex that will do 60% of the work so 
> s/he can take
> one day off.

I am sure that the simple programmers would like to learn perl BUT
they can't make the decision to
1. go to perl course
2. hide his/her workflow from the direct boss.

So the real target should by the low-level management layer: like team
They can convince the higher management to give the money and they can
choose the right people to learn.


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