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Wed Mar 10 15:02:29 PST 2004

Let me just forward another message of Nadav that came as a response to
Yaron but that did not make to the list because Nadav is not subscribed.

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Date: Tue, 9 Mar 2004 17:56:36 +0200
From: Nadav Har'El
Subject: Re: YAPC. The good, the bad and the ugly

On Tue, Mar 09, 2004, Yaron Golan wrote about "RE: YAPC. The good, the bad and the ugly":
> Hi Nadav.
> I am sorry that I made you that mad. I guess you are mad due to the tone of
> your writing.

Thank you for your inspiring psychological analysis. But I am not mad,
I just wanted to show you that there are actually people who like in YAPC
exactly what you didn't like in it. I wanted to raise this as an issue to
think about towards the next YAPC, and to make sure that not only your
opinion is heard (if it is, it might convert YAPC into something I'd like less).

> On the other hand, I didn't come to waist my time either.
> I didn't come to hear that there is a way I can monitor my system.
> I didn't come to hear that there is a way I can send SMS via the Internet.
> That I already know.

Good you already know everything.
Are you sure that everyone else also knows all those things?

> I mainly came to get new ideas and learn what else I can do with perl.

And this is exactly what you got. If you don't consider these ideas "new",
well, this was up to the organizing committee to decide. I guess that unlike
you, not everyone knew that you could easily do all those things with Perl,
or ever gave these ideas more than 10 seconds of thought, or knew exactly
which packages to use for this things, or how.

> I also came to hear in what way perl is better or different than that other
> 50 languages.

Here is where we seriously disagree. I, unlike you, and not interested in
hearing "religious" talks on why Perl is better or different from 50 other
languages. I don't mind hearing one of two of such lectures, but I don't
want an entire conference full of those. I just want to hear why Perl is
good. I already know I prefer it from those 50 other languages, and want to
learn new stuff that people are doing with it.

> If I wanted to hear about web programming in Java, I'd go to a YAJC, not a
> But I don't want.

And you didn't hear about web programming in Java... What's your point?

> When I get the feeling that my time is wasted, it makes me sad.
> When I'm sad, I'm not inspired.

I am sorry we made you waste your time, become sad and uninspired.

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