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Eitan Schuler Eitan.schuler at exlibris.co.il
Wed Mar 10 10:39:59 PST 2004

I am thinking of a very simple example in COBOL:
CALL is the command to run an other program with parameters.
When the parameters of an existing program change, need to grep for all the
appearances of CALL to it, and correct the parameters on the caller side.
(unlike in C++ and VB where you can add optional parameters with default
values, in COBOL you can't as far as I know)
In my prev. company I was really shocked when I heard that a programmer sat
for about 2 days to fix the caller programs.

Then I came and asked: "why didn't we do it in perl?"
The answer was that they can't trust in 100% in an automatic code-writer.
They prefer to invest 2 days of a programmer than to take the chance that we
forget something in a regular expression in a special case and the perl will
make code wrong. 
The production code is not the beta-site of "learning perl in 21 days"

My feeling was that they just couldn't cover in the task specification
exactly all grammatical code-contexts where the change should have been
made. That's why the preferred "human eyes" to scan.

So. The most important thing is that managers should start to trust in perl,
and in perl programmers.
This should be the basic to your idea. And then it can make revolutions.


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I am thinking about developing a one-day course for C, C++, C#, Java,
COBOL, VB etc. programmers.

The idea is that while all these programmers will not replace their
programming language by Perl due to whatever reasons their management
have, they can in fact improve a lot their work environment. They can
also do lots of things with Perl that will help their development.

As a quick example there was a question about how to fix a VB file
in a recent post see

My only problem (is it really a problem :?) is that I am not
programming daily in any of those languages. This means I only have
guesses what could be those time consuming task these people need to do,
where Perl can help.

So here is where I need your help. There are lots of people in here who do
program in the above languages. So what task could you delegate to Perl
which don't go into the final product ?


ps. and again if it was not clear, I will not try to convince anyone to
replace their language by Perl. I will just try to convince them to add
another tool to their tool-box to improve, ... whatever they want to
improve there.

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