[Israel.pm] RE: YAPC. The good, the bad and the ugly

Mikhael Goikhman migo at homemail.com
Wed Mar 10 04:05:21 PST 2004


Personally I disagree with your original and second messages. You listed
so many "I didn't come to YAPC to do X" statements that I wonder why did
you come at all? Here we may clearly see at least 2 kinds of people, more
geeky ones, and less geeky (more practical) who fear to waste their time.

I came with different expectations, to meet, chat and eat with friends,
to have fun, and to hear the talks (defenitely not the primary reason,
although all talks were good). This YAPC was organized very well and many
events were not expected and enjoyable to me, like:

  1) New nice conference building
  2) Hamakor introduction
  3) Presents from sponsors, for every participant
  4) Itzik brought the whole computer farm :)
  5) At least one lecturer was new to me
  6) Keysigning party (new thing to me)
  7) The final pub place with that loud girl show was new too

Similarly, I visit all Perl Mongers meetings, and although the talks are
important, this is not the primary reason for attending. Still I don't
remember a talk where I didn't hear interesting (if not new or useful)
things. It is all about your goals, to be trained in some specific
practical field, or to expand the horisons and meet other mongers.
If you seek the first, then you may find that specialized seminars and
courses are more effective.

Returning to this thread, the Nadav's reply is pretty intelligent and
reasonable, it is very similar to what I wanted to say too. I would never
call his tone mad. On the contrary, your tone is very demanding.

Anyway, it is helpful to see reviews from this kind of people too.

As for your fearing to waste the time by coming to meetings, I am not
sure you should come. You may surely waste the time if your expectations
are similar to what you stated in this thread. These are more amateur
meetings than free (as in bear) popular professional courses.


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