[Israel.pm] win32::gui

Amir pex5 at myway.com
Sun Mar 7 02:59:59 PST 2004

i can't install it :-(
i downloaded win32-gui-0.0.670-ppm-5.8.zip from dada.something.it (the official website) and when i type install win32-gui.ppd in PPM>, it gives me this message:
>installing package 'win32-gui.ppd'...
>error installing package 'win32-gui.ppd': read a ppd for 'win32->gui.ppd', but it
> is not intended for this build of Perl (mswin32-x86-multi-thread)
can somebody please help me? i think i have the newest version of this module..but before that install, i installed other win32::gui (i have no idea what version it was) and the problem was with window.pm file..what shall i do? i use windows and no linux
shall i download window.pm file from somewhere? (i couldn't find it for windows, only for linux)


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