[Israel.pm] Using Hebrew "dash"

Omer Zak omerz at actcom.co.il
Wed Mar 3 04:19:53 PST 2004

Yes, there is another dash, whose BiDi classification is different from 
that of the minus sign (which you presumably used in the phone 
numbers).  IIRC, its Unicode value is somewhere in U+2xxx.
My Unicode book is not on hand, so I can't look up the number.
                                             --- Omer
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Yehuda Berlinger wrote:

>I want to print out a phone number in Hebrew 123-4567, and when I 
>import the number into other programs I get  4567-123 . Someone told 
>me that this is because my hyphen is in English. Is there such a 
>thing as a Hebrew hyphen? Has anyone else come across this and solved 

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