[Israel.pm] New mailing list: Jerusalem.pm

Ran Eilam eilara at cortext.co.il
Mon Mar 1 02:09:59 PST 2004

> Yuval Yaari wrote:
> >HodHaSharon.pm will be bigger.
> >Any Ramat Gan-ian Perl mongers???
> Well, Amdocs Israel has offices in both HodHa'Sharon and Ramat Gan.
> There must be a few people who live nearby.
> Of these, there might be some who work with Perl.
> And of those, there might be some who'd join!
> Much like Drake's equation for the possibility of extra-terrestrial
> intelligent life!

Well, how to factor out the possibility of a civilization self
destructing? Can Perl developers self destruct when reaching advanced
levels just like ET civilizations? I guess they can become managers,
which removes them from the equation.


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