[Israel.pm] Talk Idea: Intro to CPAN

Issac Goldstand margol at beamartyr.net
Mon Mar 1 00:42:11 PST 2004

> > Month before last I didn't write a meeting report due to the fact that
> > wrote a very good one on the Wiki. Last month I didn't write one due to
> > pressures of getting ready for YAPC and other stuff...
> I don't think it should be your (or anyone else's) *responsibility*
> I think people should just write something.
> There are about 15-20 ppl in every meeting.
> Shell we start appointing volunteers to the task ?   :-)
No need to apoint.  If  someone takes it upon themselves, it shall be done.
If not, not.  That may noone is at "fault" if it doesn't happen.


PS.  Gabor: how are the seminars going?

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