[Israel.pm] Unified Perl installation

Offer Kaye oferk at oren.co.il
Mon Jun 28 09:19:31 PDT 2004

> Hi again,
> I have a network that contains a Solaris x86, an Irix 6.4 and Linux,
> with a possibility that in the future a FreeBSD machine will be added.
> I wonder whether it would be good and healthy to maintain a unified
> $LIBDIR/perl5 tree for all the os-s, considering Perl does check
> and install architecture dependencies properly.
> Your opinions?
> --
> Roman M. Parparov - NASA EOSDIS project node at TAU technical manager.

Hi Roman,
For better or worse, where I work the Perl installations for the different
OS-s we have (HP-UX, Sun and Linux) are kept seperate. However we do have a
single link that is the same for all of them (/usr/local/bin/perl) so that a
user doesn't have to worry about which OS he is on when running a script.
I can't say whether it is better or worse from keeping a single tree for all
OS-s since I've never been at a place that used such a system so I have
nothing to compare against...

Offer Kaye

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