[Israel.pm] /etc/shadow

Georges EL OJAIMI g-ojaimi at cyberia.net.lb
Sun Jun 27 07:00:03 PDT 2004


> 2. The encrypted password you quote above does not look like the output
>    of crypt (the traditional unix DES-based one-way funciton intended
>    for passwords). Could it be that your system is configured to use a
>    different, possibly stronger crypting function?
>    Try looking in /etc/pam.d -- apparently you're using md5 encryption
>    and not the traditional crypt.

My current Kernel version is '2.4.20-8' for Red Hat 9
Anyway, I am using it with Radius server for authentication. Now that Radius requires password encrypted
in the format of /etc/passwd I had to copy/paste one to store it inside MySQL! This was the only way to
authenticate using encrypted passwords. Now I want to create an online interface (via web) to
create/manage users sessions.

I tried inside PHP the function: 'crypt($myUserName)' and it gave me exactly the needed format while I am
having problem inside PERL.
Between, I need to call it from within a PERL scripts!

Any ideas?

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