[Israel.pm] What does this code do? (No. 2)

Eli Billauer eli at billauer.co.il
Tue Jun 22 12:20:55 PDT 2004

I tell you what the code does: It disgraces the language. While Perl 
golf is a matter of taste, this piece of shitty code is something I 
would never want anyone to see. It makes the Perl language look 
ridiculous as if it was something like a distorted and slower version of C.

Anyone who knows Perl, and will care to read that idiotic piece of code, 
will soon realize that it can be written in one or two lines of real 
Perl. But this is something I wouldn't like "the children to see". And 
mind you, there are children around (newbies, I mean, of course).

I've never liked the way you presented Perl in your "Perl language 
course", and neither do I think that you ever grasped the sting about 
it, as well as other languages that you've managed to present in a 
disgraceful way (Haskell, for example). But this was really too much!

Keep in mind that everything written in this mailing list is archieved 
and googled, and may be used as a reference for programming. The example 
you've shown is exactly what is going to appeal to a typical C 
programmer, and it's sooooo totally wrong!


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