[Israel.pm] The Next Ramat-Gan Meeting and I

Shlomi Fish shlomif at iglu.org.il
Tue Jun 22 10:28:43 PDT 2004

Hi all!

I'm sorry to inform everybody that I wouldn't be able to attend the next 
meeting. This is because my Technion graduation ceremony takes place at the 
same time.

I should note that both presentations (Shlomo's about Hebrew and Perl and 
Gaal's about Maypole) are of particular interest to me, because I have two 
pending projects that utilize the material given there. So I request you to 
make the slides available online somehow. (If all else fails, you can send 
them to me in a tarball, and I'll put them on my web-site).

Another issue is the books. Yuval Kogman borrowed my book "The Design of 
Everyday Things", which Kfir has expressed intent in reading next. If they 
both attend the meeting they can transfer the book, and just make sure they 
let me know afterwards.

I have borrowed a book of my own, and I'm gonna finish sometimes before or 
into the next month. While I can return it on one of the next meetings, I'd 
like to borrow another book, so I will have something to read. I'll talk to 
Thomas about it. (he lives close to my house).


	Shlomi Fish

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