[Israel.pm] Final word on tabs and spaces

Srikanth Madani srikanth.madani at vodafone.com
Tue Jun 15 08:11:17 PDT 2004

I love tabs. Basically because just one (or two) key presses get me to where
I want to be, as opposed to hitting the spacebar 4/8/16 times.
However, I recently came to notice a disadvantage. I'm maintaining a 1.6k
line program which I started to develop in an environment where the tab
length was four chars.
Now I work in one where it is eight chars. (much better than four, I find)
and as a consequence, the code looks pretty misaligned in places.

Sorry if both these points have been mentioned somewhere in the last hundred
posts ;-)

Added bonus - frequent use of the tab key ensures that one remembers to put
in tabs [and not spaces] in gmake rules! (I use make a lot)

Srikanth Madani
Real friends are the ones who survive transitions between address books.

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