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Ishay Inbar ishay at checkpoint.com
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I think you should look into www.perlmonks.com. Writing messages there includes HTML abilities, but when you want to write code you
wrap it with <CODE></CODE> and it looks like code.


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I am writing a web forum software for fun.
I'd like to enable the users to use some markup in the text.
One critical thing is that they'll need to be able to paste
in code and it should look like the code even when displaying it.

Besides, probably they'll want to have at least minimal html markup
such as <b> and <a href...> and who knows up front what else ?

I looked at a couple of web forums and mostly they allow a partial
list of html markup.
I also looked at the wiki style thing.

The latest what I thought is to have my own - partially xml based -
markup language.

So there will be tags such as
<me-code> </me-code>
<me-text> </me-text>

The real text and code the user is supposed to paste in as they
are, including potential <STDIN> and <> codes. Any HTML markup
can be entered. we'll escape them anyway :)

After checking the validity of the markup I save the text as is.
When the user wants to display the text I cut it up according
to the markup, html_escape the inner parts (text, code etc.)
and format these parts according to some rules. (bigger letters
smaller letter etc.)

My questions are:
What wheel am I reinventing here ?
What is the common wisdom regarding markup for web forums ?
What would you suggest ?

Probably it is important to know that the users of this forum will
be programmers. Primarily intelligent Perl programmers who can
argue for more than a weeks if the holy grail is the TAB or
the 4-SPACE. ;-)


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