[Israel.pm] Class::DBI Talk

Yuval Yaari yuval at windax.com
Mon Jun 14 09:22:29 PDT 2004

Looking in perl.org.il to check when Migo will get his beer, I saw that
I'm talking about CDBI on the same night.

So, imitating migo, we can go on 1 of 2 approaches:

1) CDBI in general, how it saved my life, things in theory
   (relationships, etc). To make a long story short: less code.

2) Hands-on: how do I make a CDBI project? How do I define my DB/tables?
   How do I create relationships? More code, less talk.

In general, Class::DBI made my projects more focused on their goals, the
code is much more easier to maintain, things are really straightforward.
The only thing you're giving up is speed, and I guess it's not always
that important.
It wasn't for me.

Having 0 (z-e-r-o) SQL is great.
Database changes that doesn't necessarily "hurt" your code is devine.
Not writing SQL makes development time so much shorter.

Anyway, I guess Gaal will make you understand the "why use CDBI" part :)

Tell me of everything that you would like to know about it (I am no CDBI
guru, but I guess I could dig stuff up if I don't know them) or forever
hold your peace.


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