[Israel.pm] Version Control Systems talk

Yuval Yaari yuval at windax.com
Mon Jun 14 09:11:02 PDT 2004

Ok, as a last resort you can use my machine.

I would like to hear a comparison of the features in CVS, subversion and

Personally I would like it if you could explain the basics of each and
focus on arch.

Though, arch lacks some features so people might want you to focus on
CVS/svn instead:
from http://wiki.gnuarch.org/moin.cgi/SubVersionAndCvsComparison :
"Mixed working copy revisions" - no.
"Repository protected against corruption" - no.
"Spaces in Filenames" - no.

I would like you to explain how all this merging works.
How much manual labour do I have to do and how accurate does it get in
each of these systems.

How do I keep "mixed working copy revisions" (isn't this what CM all
about?) ?
What system automagically creates change logs?

I have tons of unsorted questions, I'll try to gather them up.


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