[Israel.pm] Version Control Systems talk

Mikhael Goikhman migo at homemail.com
Mon Jun 14 08:14:16 PDT 2004

On 12 Jun 2004 21:15:26 +0300, Yuval Yaari wrote:
> I live nearby, and if someone with a car could drive computers from my
> place and back (2 minutes driving, honestly) I could bring my computer(s).

I don't need more than one computer, A laptop is naturally more
preferable, so we don't need to bring/connect heavy hardware.

But this is less important. Opinions about a preferable talk structure
are still welcome.

> Now, back to our business:
> 1) Could you explain how to use arch without a main repository?
> This seems to be a nice feature.

You create an archive for yourself (as many as you need) either on remote
or local disk. Then import your initial project files and start to work.
You don't need anything except for tla utility on your local computer.
This is explained well in tutorials.

Ask me if you have a problem after the reading. Or wait for the lecture.

> 2) Do you have some tla reference (1-2 pages)?
> I will personally print/copy it to all the mongers, I promise.
> I was just lost last time I was trying to figure out tla.
> That's when I stopped learning arch. That's why I'm offering you beer.

Ok, I will prepare 1-2 pages and pass it to you for printing later.

Meantime you may read the complete reference along with tutorials, tips
and recipes at http://wiki.gnuarch.org/.


perl -e 'print+chr(64+hex)for+split//,d9b815c07f9b8d1e'

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