[Israel.pm] binary vectors representation

Offer Kaye oferk at oren.co.il
Sun Jun 13 07:29:57 PDT 2004

> > 1. Use bzip2/gzip on your data file. The simplest and perhaps easiest
> > approach.
> That's probably very space efficient, but I'm not sure how
> simple it is to implement.

   system("bunzip2 infile.bz2");
   #work on infile
   system("bzip2 infile");

Where's the problem?

> Also, I don't know PDL...

Well, then, here's your chance/reason to learn it :-)

> @strings is very large but no one forces me to read it all
> at once into memory.

I wasn't talking about optimizing memory, I was talking about optimizing

Offer Kaye

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