[Israel.pm] Version Control Systems talk

Yuval Yaari yuval at windax.com
Sat Jun 12 11:15:26 PDT 2004


I live nearby, and if someone with a car could drive computers from my
place and back (2 minutes driving, honestly) I could bring my computer(s).
One of them has SuSE 9.1 and it's strong enough for running CVS and
showing your slides (if they're OO.o compatible :)).
It should have FVWM2, also :p

Dapey Zahav cannot force their FW policy on my loopback device, can they? :)

I hope one of the mongers won't care to drive the computer(s) back and forth.
It takes me 5 minutes to get there by feet, should be really fast by car.

Now, back to our business:
1) Could you explain how to use arch without a main repository?
This seems to be a nice feature.
2) Do you have some tla reference (1-2 pages)?
I will personally print/copy it to all the mongers, I promise.
I was just lost last time I was trying to figure out tla.
That's when I stopped learning arch. That's why I'm offering you beer.


Mikhael Goikhman said:
> Yuval wrote:
>> I will buy you a beer if you teach me how to use arch, that's for sure
> I am still thinking how to better arrange my 60-75 minute talk.
> There are basically 3 options.
> 1) A usual talk format with slides about version control systems in
>    general and examples of developing in cvs, svn and arch,
> 2) Fully practical talk without much slides. We may setup our own cvs,
>    svn and arch repositories from scratch and start to work.
> 3) I may focus on arch only, then I may show some advanced techniques
>    after the basic ones.
> For the last 2 options I need someone to bring a laptop with unix. I'm
> not sure though about cvs (and probably svn) servers under Dapaz
> firewall policy. But this is solvable if someone brings a good laptop.
> So, what option do you all prefer?

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