[Israel.pm] Short review of IBM's seminar

Mikhael Goikhman migo at homemail.com
Thu Jun 10 15:57:28 PDT 2004

Here are some thoughts about the today's IBM Programming Languages and
Development Environments Seminar.

It was the day of talks (9:30 to 17:00), 9 academical talks in total.

Two lecturers spoke about aspects. AOP was accepted as the fact with all
cautions as accomplishment to OOP. Did you know, BTW, that aspects are
just a funky way to say "goto" in 21-th century? :-) Other talks were
moderately interesting for any programmer, but I will not expand. No one
mentioned Perl (pity?), they mentioned a bit of Java and XML in examples.

My overall impression is mixed. Free dinner and endless sweetness were
good, the building, people were nice, the talks were well presented.
I meat several friends (although we had no common topics for flames).
All was acceptably good.

But when you think that this seminar was organized by IBM (the whole
Programming Languages and DE branch participated in the organization),
the Technion and other institutions provided lecturers, then you start to
appreciate an amateur YAPC::Israel and Gabor. YAPC has even multiple talk
flows to choose from, proving once again that TMTOWTDI.

Continuing the discussion started on the last meeting about desirability
of inter-country or inter-programming-language conferences. It may be a
good experiment, but if there is no enough focus, the whole thing becomes
disembodied and a bit tedious. So there is a chance such conference may
gather more participants, but be less successful. This seminar was
focused well enough on Software Engineering.

Actually, some of our monthly talks do not speak all Perl. Do some other
programming language groups keep monthly meetings to try to combine two?


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