[Israel.pm] Re: Variable Naming

Issac Goldstand margol at beamartyr.net
Wed Jun 9 09:57:03 PDT 2004

> > I didn't read it for quite some time now, but what comes to mind at this
> > time is the tab-stop length of 4.
> >
> > I use 8 for better readability.
> Yes, hardcoding the tab size (or otherwise indention) to 2, 4 or 8 spaces
> is obnoxious. A good code may use real tabs and still look correctly with
> any tab size. At least all my code looks correctly with any tab size.
> Unfortunately this is not going to happen everywhere, people just use the
> style that their "smart" editors force on them and thus we have the tab
> size disputes.

No.  A "smart" editor, should allow you to save tabs, rather than the

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