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Shlomi Bakish shlomi at il.marvell.com
Tue Jun 8 07:55:05 PDT 2004

I didn't mean a checkerboard literaly, it still has to be in colors, and 
more fancy graphics.
I just meant that it is not a regular graph, it's a display of result 
per 2 conditions (x-y).
for example - voltage(y) vs freq(x) - the square will be green for 
'pass', red for 'fail' and might also contain
a number inside (number of failures).

Omer Zak wrote:

>If you need anyway to create something which looks like checkered board,
>then the pbm format is your friend.  Once you have created a pbm format
>file (easy, and maybe there is already a suitable Perl model), the tools
>in the netpbm package can convert it into any desired image format (pbm
>and its brothers - pgm, ppm and pnm - was originally created as an
>intermediate format for conversion between different image formats).
>See also man netpbm.
>On Tue, 8 Jun 2004, Shlomi Bakish wrote:
>>Hi need to do a plot of shmoo data - for each x-y there is a square,
>>red=fail, green=pass, as far as I understand GD::Graph can not
>>support this output (it should look something like a checkers board).
>>Any idea ?
>>I think I'll go with the more simple approach of displaying the image
>>and grabbing it in some way, I am not a programmer, I don't have
>>any knowledge in vector graphics, nor the time to learn...I just need
>>the simplest solution, even if it is not the most
>>proffesional/elegant/fancy one...
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