[Israel.pm] Unzip on the fly (with LWP?)

Roman M. Parparov romm at empire.tau.ac.il
Tue Jun 8 07:16:57 PDT 2004

Good afternoon,

What would be the most elegant way to retrieve a zip file from
a WWW url and unzip it on the fly.

1) The best result would be getting the unzipped data WITHOUT
writing any file, let' say, into an array of strings separated by
2) The second best result would be writing the final extracted file
without writing the zip.
3) The third best result would be writing the zip without writing
the final extracted file.
4) The fourth way is the ugliest and includes writing both the
zip and the extracted file.

I assume LWP::UserAgent and Archive::Zip are my tools, but their
best way of usage escapes me.

Thanks in advance,

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