[Israel.pm] Eclipse + Perl? (Also: good editors for Perl?)

Yuval Yaari yuval at windax.com
Tue Jun 8 02:01:00 PDT 2004

Shlomi Fish wrote:

>Hmmm... well, I recall running it on a P3 667MHz with 512 MB of RAM. (SDRAM, I 
>believe). It took some time to load, but then was pretty responsive. I can 
>warn you that I hardly tried to do anything with it, and eventually did not 
>take the course that involved Java programming. It was some time ago, so 
>things may have improved or got worse since then, albeit I find it hard to 
>believe that they got worse by a substantial amount.
That would have to be SDRAM...
I was more interested on the eclipse Perl modules.
I will try installing it at home on my faster machine, it might just 
work well on it :)

>>Otherwise, what good tools are there that offer similar features (esp. this
>>debugger interface and list of variables/subroutines) are there (for
>There's something by ActiveState (Komodo, I believe). It isn't open-source, 
>though and I recall hearing people had trouble with it. It's also possible 
>that KDevelop or KDE Studio already support Perl. (albeit last time I checked 
>they were C/C++ only). You are talking about running it on Linux, right?
I hate komodo, I downloaded the trial version for linux (oh, we are 
talking about linux...) and it was slow and didn't have that many cool 
features to replace my editor.

I will check if KDevelop supports Perl. I checked more than a year ago 
and it didn't.

One thing I would say about my editor, is that even when I ssh from home 
or whatever, I can still use all the features.
Which of course is not the case with graphical editors.
X over ssh isn't what I want to do to fix a bug after work hours :)


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