[Israel.pm] Editors as Power Tools [was Re: Variable Naming]

Jason Elbaum Jason.Elbaum at freescale.com
Tue Jun 8 00:15:16 PDT 2004

I'm gonna regret this, but I'll just weigh in briefly:

>>>auto-completion is a nice-to-have feature, which is useful, but still
>>>not a  must.

I find auto-completion annoying. The editor interferes with the flow of 
my typing by assuming it knows what I mean. If you're a lousy typist, 
use auto-completion. I can finish typing the variable name faster than I 
can select the editor's auto-completed suggestion.

>>>Right. BTW, why are you using CamelCase for variable names? Most people
>>>use words_separated_by_underscore. (and I personally find it much more

Programmers should use whatever variable style their projects require, 
if there is a company standard. If not, maintain consistency with 
existing code. Otherwise, do what you find comfortable. It just doesn't 

>>>I happen to like command line debuggers.

I gave up on graphical debuggers a long time ago. They generally just 
make the debugging process slower, heavier and more buggy!

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