[Israel.pm] Re: Variable Naming

Yuval Yaari yuval at windax.com
Mon Jun 7 13:56:16 PDT 2004

> You are right - it does not necessarily mean that it's better. However
> to  quote from "perldoc perlstyle":

perlstyle is highly respected by me (though, IIRC it even mentions a
vi/vim specific feature - % [skip between parantheses/brackets]).
But I would kill myself if I would implement everything it says.

I didn't read it for quite some time now, but what comes to mind at this
time is the tab-stop length of 4.

I use 8 for better readability.
I sometimes decrease it in case lines are really long or a lot of indent
levels are reached.

So as I said before, I can read anything as long as it's constant for an
entire project.

ThisShouldBeReadable as_well_as_this OR_THIS.
Though I keep THINGS_LIKE_THIS for use constants;

Ok, the laundry isn't going to fold itseld...


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