Variable Naming [was Re: [] catching $a, $b unnecessary my and maybe other things]

Uri Bruck bruck at
Mon Jun 7 09:18:55 PDT 2004

Shlomi Fish wrote:

> Right. BTW, why are you using CamelCase for variable names? Most people use
> words_separated_by_underscore. (and I personally find it much more desirable).
This is the kind of comment I don't find very useful.
First, how do you know that most people use underscores rather than 

Even if we accept this for a moment as factual, does that mean that's 
it's better?

As far as I know there are more Windows uses than Linux users.
More Christians than Jews.
More cheap radios than state of the art sound systems.

Back to the actual discussion. The conventions one uses have a lot to do 
with the programming culture one is accustomed to.


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