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On Mon, 7 Jun 2004 12:28:46 +0300
"Itamar Elem" <elem at compugen.co.il> wrote:

> hi
> ibe got pel string in var (say $buffer) and function which reuire 
> file name as one of its arguments(the function belong to external
> module. cant change) the file name content should be $buffer. here
> there away which i can convert $buffer sow i can send it to the
> function instead of the file name
> itamar
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open a temporary file, then destroy it, doing something in the interim:

my $buffer="foo";
my $tmpfname=join "","/tmp/",('A'..'Z','a'..'z',0..9,'.','_')[rand 64,rand 64, rand 64, rand 64, rand 64];#temp filename generation
print "$tmpfname\n";
open TMP, ">", $tmpfname;
print TMP $buffer;
close TMP;
#do whatever you want with $tmpfname

unlink $tmpfname;#then remove it

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