[Israel.pm] Perl Hebrew Tutorial - Second Edition

Uri Bruck bruck at actcom.net.il
Tue Jul 27 09:22:02 PDT 2004

semuel wrote:

>>- In the same section you write:
>>"שים לב שכל שורה מסתיימת בנקודה-פסיק" etc.
>>This is a sub-section in a section about types of variables. Not really 
>>the right place to mention this for the first time.
> Offer forced me to enter this line.
> Maybe you are right, and I should not mention this in the tutorial. 
I didn't mean that this should not be mentioned in the tutorial. I meant 
that it's not the right place for it.
Perhaps next to the first code example, in section 1.6, would be a 
better spot.

> Not in section 2.1 . it's a small section, and adding explanation there will
> just make him difficult to read. Maybe I'll add a few words in the chapter
> about the hash tables, but until then I'll stick with the fire table.
Even without an explanation adding "(hash table)" in parentheses will go 
some way towards clarifying it. Also as part of the heading of 2.6.
One more things about the hash.  In section 2.6 you refer to it 
"hash-table" - this should not be hyphenated. It's an open compound of 
the form noun plus noun denoting a single function rather than two 
different functions.
> Semuel.
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