[Israel.pm] Perl Hebrew Tutorial - Second Edition

semuel semuel at semuel.co.il
Tue Jul 27 07:54:34 PDT 2004

From: Uri Bruck 
Sent: Tuesday, July 27, 2004 1:06 PM

> I'll give it a more thorough read, but for now a couple of short comments.
> - In section 2.3 you write:
> "זה לא טוב להמציא משתנה באמצע קוד"
> That's an anglicism. "it's not a good thing ... " etc.
> Delete the "זה" and you'll get the Hebrew sentence you intended.


> - In the same section you write:
> "שים לב שכל שורה מסתיימת בנקודה-פסיק" etc.
> This is a sub-section in a section about types of variables. Not really 
> the right place to mention this for the first time.

Offer forced me to enter this line.
Maybe you are right, and I should not mention this in the tutorial. After
all, I'm expecting the reader to be familiar with C or Pascal, both with
semicolon on the end of statements. So if the reader will just see a
semicolon in the end of the code examples, he will just believe that it's
the same as his already known language, and everything will be nominally

> - Section 2.1
> "בפרל קיימים ארבעה סוגי משתנים: סקלר , מערך, טבלת האש וקובץ"
> What's that 3rd one again?
> Two points about that one: The first occurence should be accompanied by 
> the English term in parantheses (that goes for all terms).
> Specifically for a hash. "associative array" is a term more likely to be 
> identified by readers. So I'd present this type as "Associative array, 
> commonly refered to in perl as a hash. Hash is the term that will be 
> used in this tutorial."

Not in section 2.1 . it's a small section, and adding explanation there will
just make him difficult to read. Maybe I'll add a few words in the chapter
about the hash tables, but until then I'll stick with the fire table.


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