[Israel.pm] Perl Hebrew Tutorial - Second Edition

semuel semuel at semuel.co.il
Tue Jul 27 03:34:20 PDT 2004

Hello There.

I don't this that I should mention the differences between or and ||. Aqt
most I'll add a comment that says that the C-style logic op have higher
precedence then the pascal-style ops.

And yes. I consider data structure and references as advanced material.
Maybe in the third edition... :-)


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Your mail editor inserts "kuchimuchi" in random places in your messages :)

As for bad English, I think it's a [nearly] perfect present progressive
"xyz is still being written" is perfect, for example.
But then again I didn't learn English in a kosher way...

I think the tutorial is missing something basic:
The difference between the "or" operator and the || operator.
`perldoc perlop`, look for precedence.

Programming Perl is published by O'Reilly and not O'Reily.

I didn't see anything about data-structures, and references.
Even though this is sometimes considered to be "advanced", I think it
shouldn't be.

Anyway, I only went over it for 2 minutes so please disregard anything I
said in case it's wrong.

  Good night,

semuel said:
> Hello There.
> PerlHebTut2 is continued to be written.
> Bah, bad English. Kuchimuchi.
> A link:
> http://code.semuel.co.il/perlhebtut/perlhebtut2.pdf
> Whats new:
> The Hebrew chapter is being written.
> Shlomo's comments were (partly) implemented.
> Kuchimuchi.
> Nobody else sent any comment. waaaaa!
> Whats old:
> A license was added at the first chapter.
> An error about array size was corrected.
> Regexp chapter may be friendlier now.
> The Internet chapter was written.
> Kuchimuchi.
> BakaBaka.
> Semuel.
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