[Israel.pm] setting $!

Itzik Lerner - Orpak itzik at orpak.co.il
Mon Jul 19 06:18:14 PDT 2004

You can do:

	sub foo {
			if (fail) {
				my $err;
				$err='some error message';

But it will destroy $! After this action, so it is good only if you don't
use $! For anything else.

--Itzik Lerner


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I have a function foo() which returns some scalar $s.

I'd like to be able to do something like this:

	my $s = foo() or die "foo: $!";

I'd like to  be able to assign my own string to $! to be
used right after a return from foo()  in case an undefined
value is returned.

What's the way to do this?

Shlomo Yona
shlomo at cs.haifa.ac.il
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