[Israel.pm] match & expression Q.

Ernst, Yehuda yernst at ndsisrael.com
Sun Jul 18 00:15:51 PDT 2004

in your answer $var[0]$var[1]...will have the letters 
can i tell it to have the words like in my Q.

it should take the word until the first space.

so i get the answers like this
 $vars[0] = abc123
 $vars[1] = 12345

and not like this 
$vars[0] = a
$vars[1] = b

thanks yehuda.

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On Sun, Jul 18, 2004 at 09:19:09AM +0300, Ernst, Yehuda wrote:
> how do i write a line that will bring me 2 variables with the English and the numbers

You need a "character class" that contains English letters and numerals:

> שלום כיתה א ABC123 מה 12345 שלומכם היום 
> the answer will be 
> $var1 = abc123
> $var2 = 12345

@vars = $string =~ /([0-9a-z])/gi;

"g" means match multiple times
"i" means case insensitive ("incasitive", to use Anatoly Vorobey's
    neologism); you could have used [0-9a-zA-Z] instead.

Your results will be in $vars[0], $vars[1], and so on.

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