[Israel.pm] perlcc (Perl 5.8)

Jason Friedman jason.friedman at weizmann.ac.il
Sun Jul 11 04:10:54 PDT 2004


you should try using the PAR program (par.perl.org)

I had some success with it to create windows exectuables for perl

basically it zips up everything the program needs - the program itself,
the perl interpreter and the packages. so it does not require any external
compiler and should run on a computer without perl installed.

it is not particularly efficient (because each time to run it, it needs to
uncompress the archive) but it may be good enough for you needs.


> Hi,
> I am trying to create a standalone executable (Solaris). I know it is
> experimental etc. but still...
> I am trying to run it in our lab where there is an old perl with almost no
> modules installed, and then I get "Can't locate DynaLoader.pm...".
> It means that even a standalone tries to "include" modules at run time ???
> Is there a workaround ?
> Thanks
> Yossi
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