[Israel.pm] newline character as a portability issue

Jason Friedman jason.friedman at weizmann.ac.il
Thu Jul 8 03:51:18 PDT 2004

Perhaps the

IO::nline package on CPAN is what you are looking for:


>From the page:

"This layer translates any of \r, \n or \r\n into \n on input, and into
\r\n on output. It is probably a bad idea to mix it with :crlf on one
filehandle: in particular, under DOSish systems it is definitely a good
idea to push :raw before you start."

It may not handle the more obscure variants mentioned on the list
however . . .

Disclaimer: I never used this package.


> Bottom line...
> say I have a regex pattern:
> 	/\p{InMyCharacterClass}\n\p{InMyOtherCharacterClass}/
> and I want this to be portable across systems (I have no
> knowledge of the text I'm receiving as input) what should
> stand instead of \n in the pattern?
> How can I make this platform dependent?
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