[Israel.pm] Hebrew characters not displayed in perl Tk on Win XP

Yehuda Berlinger jon at actcom.co.il
Wed Jul 7 07:54:19 PDT 2004

Hi, all. Still here, and still with no solution.

I am using the latest version of Tk.

I am not concerned with the direction of my text. The characters come 
up as garbage characters in Tk. I have no problem displaying Hebrew in 
IE or from a standadr Perl output.

Let's say I want to write the simplest Tk window that just pops up and 
says "Shalom" in Hebrew: Shin Lamed Vav Mem. Could anyone tell me how 
to do that?

I've read perlunicode, perluniintro, Encode, utf8, etc.. etc... and 
just don't get it (can't get anything to work). A single example of 
working code would be most appreciated.


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