[Israel.pm] Next Meeting on next Thursday - 5th February

Yuval Yaari yuval at windax.com
Thu Jan 29 02:39:06 PST 2004

And this time Gabor's going to come, so we'll have some stuff to eat! Yay!!!
Just kidding. I'll try to remember to bring some "burekas" too.

Shlomo, if you're reading this and you'll have time, I would love to 
hear about:
 - On the fly change of encoding (ASCII <-> UTF-8)
 - On the fly change of "encoding" (logic <-> visual) (I must have such 
Apache handler...)
 - Do we have to write the same regular expression twice (or more) just 
because of encoding issues (i.e: one for ASCII and one for unicode)???
 - Any problems with Perl & Hebrew (Does using Hebrew strings as hash 
keys work, for example?) ?
 - Hebrew scalar names. Some of us do not know English you insensitive clod!
 - How to spell our names in Hebrew?

As you can see I haven't used Hebrew with Perl more than twice.
I can imagine it as being not-so-pretty. Maybe you'll prove me wrong :)


Gabor Szabo wrote:

>- Shlomo Yona will talk about Hebrew and Perl.

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