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Few more questions/remarks ( few of them are just to think about) to
compare between 2002-2003.
They will show more carachterisics of the list

1. How many subscribers were on the list
2. How many subscribers sent 0/1 posts during the year
3. How many  discussion threads were opened ?


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> About a month before the previous conference Offer
> created some statistics about the mailing list.
> http://www.perl.org.il/pipermail/perl/2003-April/001658.html
> It would be nice if we could get a new set of numbers with
> the appropriate analyzis.
>    Gabor

Here are some statistics for the year 2003:
In the year 2003 there were a total of 2889 posts from 145 people.

The mean number of posts/person was 19.9.

The mean number of posts/month was 240.8.

The mean number of posters/month was 12.1.

The 10 top posters of 2003, and their percentage of the total number of
posts, were:
1. Gabor Szabo         15.6%
2. Shlomi Fish          9.8%
3. Shlomo Yona          8.5%
4. Offer Kaye           6.0%
5. Gaal Yahas           3.8%
6. Mikhael Goikhman     3.5%
7. David Baird          3.4%
8. Issac Goldstand      3.2%
9. Itzik Lerner         2.7%
10. Pinkhas Nisanov     2.6%
The top 10 posters together posted 59.2% of the total number of posts in
year 2003.


Some notes comparing 2003 statistics to 2002 statistics:
1. 3.5 times as many emails were sent to the list in 2003 compared to 2002.
2. More than twice as many individual people posted.
3. Accordingly, the precentage of the total posts from the top 10 posters
dropped by 13.6%.
4. Gabor's precent of the total posts dropped by 8.9%, but he sent 250 more
emails to the list than in 2002.

My conclusion- all signs are pointing at a healthy, growing community with
an increased membership and involvement in the email list. Our fearless
leader is even more active than last year, and so are the other top 10
posters. Great job everybody, here's hoping 2004 will be just as good, if
not even better ;-)

Offer Kaye

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