[Israel.pm] Mason: Trying to open a directory?

semuel semuel at semuel.co.il
Tue Jan 27 12:47:34 PST 2004

Hello There.

I played with Mason a little, and think that it's great tool.
But in the installation, it simply didn't worked.

When I install a new thing on my machine, I do the following steps:
1. Go step-by-step with the installation manual.
2. If it doesn't work, go over it again to ensure that I didn't missed a
3. Look for a troubleshooting section, for solving the problem.
4. Search Google with the error string
5. Am I absolutely sure that I didn't missed a step?
6. Panic. Go bother people in mailing lists.

What I won't do it to read the bulk of the manual, searching for a clue. Not
for a program that isn't even working!
After it's properly installed and working, now it's the time for reading
long manuals. Not before.


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