[Israel.pm] Mason: Trying to open a directory?

semuel semuel at semuel.co.il
Sun Jan 25 10:24:55 PST 2004

Hello There.

Sorry, but for finding that myself I don't need to RTFM. I have to DIG!
I searched the masonhq, and found only 5 links for MasonDataDir, where three
of them are distribution-specific, and the two reminding are hard to
understand. And that's after I knew what I'm looking for.

And that's for a beginner with mason. 
I was just trying to run the installation and test that it's working. You
can't expect me to go and dig, while it's not installing itself properly and
crashes miserably on the first run.

Of course, I challenge you to show that I'm wrong. The link:
That's the introduction to mason. Basic installation and configuration. I
did exactly the written there. Am I wrong?


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PerlSetVar  MasonCompRoot /www/htdocs
PerlSetVar  MasonDataDir   /www/mason

Please do yourself a favor and RTFM, it's the first thing they explain 
and you'll learn a lot more about Mason (at least I did).
Not patronizing, just pointing out the best way to learn.


semuel wrote:

>Hello There.
>And how do I move it to /www/mason?
>I didn't set it to the /usr/local/apache directoy.
>It's something that Mason invented itself. 

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