[Israel.pm] Keysigning @ YAPC

Ran Eilam eilara at cortext.co.il
Thu Jan 22 11:32:00 PST 2004

> > Excuse the cryptographic ignorance, but why should I care 
> > if an email I see on the list is really from Yuval, and
> > has not been altered in any way?
> You don't need to, but some people might. Search the web for why,
> there's lots of info. If it convinces you, jolly. If not, do those
> 200 byte attachments really bother you?

I did not even know this involves attachments. Now that I do, I still
don't find it bothering.

> In my opinion it doesn't obstruct, but does do it's part to raise
> awareness. To me there are political reasons to use OpenPGP and get
> others to do it.

If this is political then I support you. I just did not know what
keysigning means, except that it is somehow related to cryptography. Now
I do.

> > Are we into mocking people now?

> What? I don't see how this is offensive to anyone...

Neither can I. Look at earlier messages on the list concerning mocking
Perl builtins for the context of this attempt at humor. Or maybe the 3
periods signify that you understood the joke, and are building on top of
it. Who cares...

Thanx for the explanation,

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