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Offer Kaye oferk at
Thu Jan 22 08:27:53 PST 2004

> Here's my problem: How can I possibly make effective use of a library of
> nearly 6000 Perl modules? Especially as I have no way of evaluating the
> quality of a CPANmodule without downloading, installing and testing it?
> Most of the subject categories above overlap, and modules aren't always
> catalogued where I might expect to find them. By the time I figure out
> whether the functionality I need exists in CPAN, and where it is, and
> which version of which module to try, and whether in fact it actually
> does what I need - often I might as well write it myself!

Really? All of the stuff you said above usually takes me only a few
minutes... ;-)
I guess it depends on how complicated the problem you're trying to solve is,
but in %90 of the cases it should be *much* shorter (and probably better!)
to hunt down a helpful module rather than write the functionality yourself.
Use Search, don't browse!
Use Google!
Heck, use this mailing list :-)

> Add to that a further problem: I sometimes write Perl code to be
> exported to remote installation sites. I can't necessarily rely on which
> subversion of Perl is available there, let alone expect them to install
> CPAN modules just to run my code. They're users, not sysadmins. Result:
> I rarely use CPAN in my release code.
> Surely I can't be the only one with these problems! Suggestions are
> welcome...

I second Oron's suggection. Use "use lib ''" !

> Regards,
> Jason Elbaum

Offer Kaye

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