[Israel.pm] Keysigning @ YAPC

Yuval Kogman lists at woobling.org
Thu Jan 22 03:12:29 PST 2004

On Thu, Jan 22, 2004 at 10:22:02AM +0200, Ran Eilam wrote:

> Excuse the cryptographic ignorance, but why should I care if an email I
> see on the list is really from Yuval, and has not been altered in any
> way?

You don't need to, but some people might. Search the web for why,
there's lots of info. If it convinces you, jolly. If not, do those 200
byte attachments really bother you?

In my opinion it doesn't obstruct, but does do it's part to raise
awareness. To me there are political reasons to use OpenPGP and get
others to do it.

In my views OpenPGP should be integrated anywhere, as a norm. People
don't trust a medium they could.

For example, if I want to make an online purchase, I need my mom's
credit card, since i don't have an int'l one yet. She didn't want to
send it over once or twice, but insisted on calling, which is very
legitimate. Now she uses GPG, and for her it's just a comfort factor.

It's got nothing and everything to do with the list - other people can
learn through the list about it.

The bottom line is that to me, this list is email. I like to sign my

I also need to type two keys to disable the signature each time, and
even worse, I need to remember to do it.

I brought this up since many people are coming to YAPC, and some of
them may be interested. If you think it's too off topic I won't bring
it up again.

> Are we into mocking people now?

What? I don't see how this is offensive to anyone...

Ciao ciao!

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