[Israel.pm] Mason don't find Apache::Request

semuel semuel at semuel.co.il
Wed Jan 21 09:11:29 PST 2004

Hello There.

Can you repeat what you just said, but in short sentences? 
And examples. Very important.

I have built Apache from source, via the modperl installation.
(aka, statically linkage)
I'm not such great linux administrator, just learning as I go.


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Note that it requires apache-dev package to be installed if you didn't build
apache.  If you built apache by hand, it may need you to manually
./configure (there is a C library as well as a Perl library).
Alternatively, look for a libapreq or apache-libapreq (or something like
that_ package for your system.


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> Hello There.
> I have installed Apache 1.3 and ModPerl 1, and the tried to installed
> on top of that.
> Mason listed few modules that it requires, among them was Apache::Request.
> All the other modules where installed flawlessly using CPAN's shell,
> Apache::Request, that CPAN state that it would require force.
> Doesn't this module is suppose to be installed with modperl?
> Is it healthy to the system to force-install it?
> Semuel.
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