[Israel.pm] Nokia to port Perl to Mobile phones

Yuval Yaari yuval at windax.com
Mon Jan 19 00:22:06 PST 2004


I would like to query my calls. Maybe with regex...
SELECT SUM(time) as PayToOrange FROM DialedCalls WHERE PhoneNumber =~ 

Should be nifty, but my work pays for my bills anyway.

To be honest, I _must_ have an ntp client (ntpdate) on my cellphone.
Damn thing gets out of sync when my cellphone falls off of my (choose: 
bed, desk, hands, dog).
To be honest, I must have all my clocks in sync.

My alarm clock won't connect to the intra-web and update itself... Now 
here's a startup!

Anyway, after I write some sort of "ntpdate" in Perl, I want a program 
that connects to my POP3 server and gives me all the subjects of my e-mails.
Possibly, I would like to choose a specific e-mail and read it.

All these tasks require some sort of internet connection, and modules 
(that do exist in CPAN...).
Internet connection is available, but expensive.

Since I have a problem waking up in the morning, I would extend the 
alarm clock so it'd ask me to type some long passphrase before it turns 
itself off, thus making sure I am awake.

Can't wait to write programs for my cellular phone, anyway.


Shlomo Yona wrote:

>On Sun, 18 Jan 2004, Yuval Yaari wrote:
>>Did you start planning on what applications you're going to code for 
>>Nokia phones?
>>I don't have any specific ideas, but I'll probably spend tons of time 
>>writing code for my (non-existing...) Nokia.
>A useful application, especially for cell phones would be:
>	Automatic summarization.
>A component able to do automatic language identification and
>summarization for incomming data for the purpose of fitting
>it into a cell phone screen is useful.

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