Re: Re: [] Converting this "àìãø " into "????" using problem

Eitan Keren eitan_keren at
Thu Jan 15 12:09:00 PST 2004

You were right!, It was a encoding problem within the browser itself.
When I changed it back into Hebrew Windows I was able to see it, but can I
configure it for the user so the browser will know in which Encoding to use
10x for the help.
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> On Thu, 15 Jan 2004, Eitan Keren wrote:
> > The single column/field that contain Hebrew is a varchar datatype.
> > Regarding to the Q about the database support Unicode I am using an
> > version=4.0.16-nt, bout I don't think the DB is the problem here because
> > I can display the Hebrew data on lots of different SQL GUI's including a
> > Perl Tk GUI that display the Hebrew without any problem.
> > I don't think the Mysql Db support Unicode.
> > What can I do to display the data to the HTML page ?
> Do you see the question marks on a terminal or as HTML?
> Perhaps you're not using the right fonts for the job or the
> viewer you is not aware of the Hebrew encoding?
> Can you explain how you view the Hebrew?
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