[Israel.pm] Messing with Forms... Again...

Yuval Yaari yuval at windax.com
Tue Jan 13 00:50:25 PST 2004


Pinkhas Nisanov wrote:

>where this data structure will be stored?
I asked myself the same question :)
I have no idea... I'd store it in a DB if it wouldn't contain references 
to subroutines, probably, and generate it when apache runs.
But that'd make apache load slower.

>Basic idea that all "business" functionality will be placed
>in perl modules activated by mod_perl handlers, html files
>( or templates ) will be responsible only for presentation.
>mod_perl handlers will be activated in earlier phases of apache
>request loop, so you can redirect request to different html.
>[I cut a thing or two here...]
>If you want pass some data to template system you can do it with
>"$r->pnotes()" or create new query string and set it with "$r->args()".
This looks great.
Still I need to create some package or something that gets the URI & 
params and decides how to validate that form, and where to redirect to.

I just need to figure the design of everything and how everything will 
be implemented...

>Pinkhas Nisanov

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