[Israel.pm] [OT] networking

Gabor Szabo gabor at perl.org.il
Sun Jan 11 03:34:45 PST 2004

I have recently learned about these (social) networking
sites out there where you can contact your friends friends
or the business contacts of your business contacts and I am
trying to research them a bit. (I am also thinking about a program
that will interconnect between them.)

So far I played a lot with LinkedIn https:://www.linkedin.com/ and
built an extensive network. I'd recommend to join it to anyone who
thinks s/he will ever look for a job but. This one has a focus of
business relationships.

In addition I registered to a site of Hungarians http://www.wiw.hu/
That is mainly for friendships and for partying. This is not
what I am looking for. Beside the interface lets you search only on a
few fields in the database and only separately. I can hardly find
anyone there.

I have also registered to http://www.friendster.com/ but have not
invested time in understanding it yet. Besides, here if you don't
have contacts you can't even search the database.

So my questions:

Anyone here uses these site ?
What other sites are out there ?
What is your experience ?
What is missing from the sites you are using ?


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