[Israel.pm] Testing problem

Thomas Maier Thomas.Maier at monosphere.com
Mon Jan 5 07:08:35 PST 2004

It is not what I intend , but apparently it's solve my problem since
I can indeed use something like `echo "echo \"expected output\"" >
before each test and it will do the job.
.. and it was so simple :)

> You may use "true" as a fake command, this unix utility is designed
> such things, i.e. it accepts any arguments and any input and silently
> ignores them. Similarly "false" does nothing too (except for returning
> rather than 0). You may try "echo" as a fake command too.
> Is this what you want?
> Regards,
> Mikhael.
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> perl -e 'print+chr(64+hex)for+split//,d9b815c07f9b8d1e'
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